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Learning to do Calligraphy? then try some of these files.
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# Our latest Free Download calligraphy training sheet, is for "Spencerian-Copperplate" PDF. It is from the original American Spencer style that allows quick hand lettering, mostly because of uncomplicated downstrokes, as with most Copperplate based styles. There are complete alphabet samples for Capitals & miniscules along with italic numerals, & some extra useful characters. Flourished CAPITALS are a prominent feature of this Classic Spencerian letterform. Download, learn & practise this simplified Copperplate hand for free... Modern Simplified Copperplate PDF
# See the Ornasonova webpage for more information & equipment you can buy, for our Spencerian or Copperplate Fountain-Pen with Angle-Holder. It uses the Zebra Manga G dip-nib for this latest extraordinary development in modern calligraphy.

# This Free Download calligraphy training sheet, is for "Bispo-Nova Italic" PDF. It is a modern-simplified-Italic style that allows very quick written hand lettering, mostly because of the lack of serifs to complicate nib strokes. There are complete alphabet samples for Capitals and miniscules along with italic numerals and some extra useful characters. Also a short section on flourishes. Download and learn this beaut' hand for free... Modern Simplified ITALIC Exampler Sheet

4 Osmiroid Exampler Sheet

# There are four example alphabets in this series, get all of them when you buy an Osmiroid Dip Set Choose your nib sizes from three available sets. I.E By buying the Osmiroid Calligraphy or the Italic Dip Set, you would get the best sizes of nib for practise work, the kind of size nib that teachers would recommend.

# Or you might like to browse through our books on calligraphy to see books with whole chapters on teaching the basics and other styles.

A quill written Italic-hand example of "single stroke" CAPITALS, done in exquisite form.
Capital B in SS mode

How to Ink load a Fountain pen, plus troubleshooting tips.

How to care for your 'OSMIROID' Fountain pen nib units, cure the worst problems that can occur, like ink blocked nib units, buckled nibs, or just needing to fit a new size of nib? Plus troubleshooting tips.

Drawing up Guidelines for calligraphy.

All the well known brands of Calligraphy Nibs - Comparison Chart

Adding Gum Arabic to ink - How to make copperplaters grade ink

Here is a vintage calligraphy book from the 1950's, for anyone who wants to learn calligraphy, as it was in older times. It has some very creative & stimulating chapters. Available as a downloadable PDF, with a mouse selectable index for easy access.
The Speedball Textbook, 17th Edition, 1956, edited by Ross.F. George.

Here is another downloadable PDF for;
Our NEWLY DEVELOPED PDF file of The Hid Divinity, go to the webpage
Hid Divinity PDF file
Self-Help - Learn Early Christian Theology from this PDF file.
The Mystical Theology of St Dionysus the Areopagite.
With added drawings in colour to highlight its chapters.

Although it is not free, here is another downloadable PDF for;
Our NEWLY DEVELOPED Tai Chi chuan Long Form Instruction sheets set, go to the webpage
Tai Chi chuan by Yang ChengFu PDF
Self-Help - Learn Tai Chi with this 20 page instruction sheet set in a PDF file.

Although it is not free at just AUD$2.99 (no postage fees), here is another PDF for;
REVISED VERSION 3, The Traditional I-Ching Classic, go to the webpage
Example Yi Jing hexagrams
Self-Help - Learn the secrets of the East in a PDF file.
The I-Ching, original translation by James Legge.
With added sections using analytics & colour graphics to help develop insight.

Here is a FREE downloadable PDF:
See our HIGHLY DEVELOPED webpage about Magic Circle Stepping.
Square Steps
Learn this Chi-Kung energy stepping method.
Ancient Chinese Taoist/Pa-Kua balance & control technique, with a VIDEO to help guide your feet, get the FREE PDF download.

You are welcome to advise us further about your need of other NOTES or HELP files from our website. Please email us via our CONTACTS webpage.
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