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About us...

Ornasonova website serves you with a range of goods, from Calligraphy & Arts equipment to Specialised Skin Care products. Our company started business in mid' 2012 as a mail-order website. Please read on to see our range of goods.

Support pages with details about our products are also available.
You can contact us by email, for any item you wish to query, please go to our Contacts webpage.

Pricing on this site is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Generally find products such as Western calligraphy equipment. We have calligraphy nibs, calligraphy fountain pens, William Mitchell nibs, Gillott nibs, Rexel Mapping nib with handle, Drawing and Mapping nibs, Hiro-Leonardt nibs, pen handles, pen holders, Osmiroid calligraphy pens, Osmiroid dip pens, Osmiroid fountain pens, all using the Osmiroid gold plated dip nibs. Also in our large selection of stocks we have inks, Speedball & Hunt goods, Nikko Manga G nibs and the Brause range of nibs, etc, etc.

Paper & Card Embossers are also items that we specialise in. See our webpage for these machines. We can do the design phase of your artwork, or use your own image files to create the embosser plates, for quality embossing work.

Hand carving of Chinese "Chops" or Seal stones is also work we can do for you. People wishing to use a stone seal on their painted artwork, cards or other items, can purchase a unique custom design based on your own lettering artwork. Or we can help you graphically with the design. To understand more about this kind of personal seal, please go to our Chinese seal stones webpage.

Last update July 2017