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Emailing Logo/Wording image files F.A.Qs.

Question and Answers to some common queries about sending us your graphics/image files.

# Skip ahead to FAQ No.5 if you already have the artwork ready.

1. What is the general outline for this?

When you are interested in having an embossed/raised image on your business cards, letterhead, or any general stationery, you will be thinking of the wording or some Logo image that will work best for your application. You can email us with a basic image attached, and we will communicate back to you to develop the idea. You will then have a professionally created image for a set of embossing plates that fit either a hand held or desktop machine. You can then impress that image 3D fashion into papers or cards in your stationery range or for party function invites, etc. This is a service we have for customers who are not able to use Photoshop or similar programs to do graphics image creation. We make a charge for this work and generally submit 1 or 2 sample images for a choice.

2. What are the fees involved?

Generally a one time fee of $50.00 is charged to create image work for embosser plates. Extra fees can apply if the work proves very complex or the computer time taken goes beyond 30 minutes or 3/4 of an hour. In that case we will advise you further.

3. How do I get to see the image work before a set of plates is made for the embosser?

On receiving the conceptual ideas and maybe some simple image that encapsulates your intended idea for the embossing. We develop/design the image file and send you an email with sample/s attached for your approval, before any embosser plates are cut. If you found that the design was excellent and just what you needed, you would advise us back to go ahead and make the plates as per the sample image. If you wish to make alterations to the design work you commumicate it back to us by email and we alter the design until you are satisfied with a good design.

4. How long does this take before a design is ready to go?

Generally we take around 2 to 3 days to complete the whole process. In the case you ask for alterations to the design it will extend the time by a few more days, until we get it right for you. In the case of multiple alterations, we will make a further fee charge for the extra time taken.

5. In the case I can supply the required artwork, what sort of quality and in which file format should I send it?

The image work we need is to be saved either as an Adobe Illustrator .EPS or .AI vector graphic file. Or if using a program like Photoshop, at least 600dpi in black & white, that means no grey scales or colours in the file. Also the images diameter can be 6x6cm, or even as large as 8x8cm or so. Please save your image/design work in a .TIF file, and use LZW compression when saving if it is over 1 MB in size. This makes for quick emailing with no wait for super size files. Simply attach it to an email, add any notes you think relavent to the image design work. We will need your phone/mobile contact details, and a postal address if we are sending the finished goods back to you.

Thank you...