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Ornaso Nova serves you with a range of goods, from Calligraphy & Arts equipment to Paper/Card Embossing gear.

OrnasoNova shopping conditions of sale.
As we do not run a shop physically, all trade is by mail order only. OVERSEAS or LOCAL orders are accepted. An amount of AUD$10.00 minimum applies to all purchases, plus shipping fees to your address.

# ORDERING BY MAIL ORDER? If making a mail order with us, please NEVER send your CREDIT CARD DETAILS to us by EMAIL. The email system works well for all other kinds of order information but your sensitive financial data. Emails are not a secure system and should not be trusted. We use Paypal's secure website setup for your goods payment. THANK YOU.

Buying our goods by mail order is easy. Browse the available goods and their specifications on our webpages, order any of these items by a CLICK on the Click to add 1x item to your cart button. For a quantity CLICK more times, or alter the amount in the 'View Cart/Checkout' later. When you have chosen the goods you would like to buy, in just 3x steps:

1. Click the 'View Cart/Checkout' button on the TOP RIGHT SIDE of all our webpages, this takes you to see your order so far (listed out), adjust the list if you wish by CLICKING plus/minus or remove, or you can buy everything as listed & CHECKOUT. At this point you could even go back and add more items from our webpages. CLICK on the 'Prepare Order' button, takes you to Step 2.

2. Fill in our contact details form, we ask that you give your 'consent' to us using your Name, Address and Email information, by ticking a checkbox. Then before CLICKING on the 'Finalise Order' button, you select which method you would like to pay by, simply click on your preferred choice.
# You can make your payment ONLINE including shipping & handling, via (secure-website/https) PayPal account, or Visa, Mastercard, Amex Credit Cards.
# For Cheque payments or Bank transfers, these are only allowed locally in Australia. # SORRY NO OVERSEAS CHEQUE OR BANK TRANSFERS - We cannot support Cheque or bank transfers from overseas as the fees for these services are exorbitant.
# You can also choose to get an EMAILED QUOTE BEFORE YOU PAY, this may be useful if you have further queries you would like answered before payment, like insured shipping, or you want to bulk buy as this may incur heavier shipping fees, etc.

3. Here you are taken to your selected payment method.
NOTE: Overseas orders are welcome from anywhere. All Pricing on our webpages is in Australian Dollars (AUD).
For a Mail Order we have a minimum amount of AUD$10.00 per order, plus the shipping fees to your address.

Our SHIPPING RATES are calculated by your entry of a Country on our 'Contact details' form (section 2 noted above). The basic Local Post rates are adjusted by the Postal Zone your Country is in and the Parcel Code number of each item purchased, for the parcels weight/cost. Handling fees are included, making these shipping fees cheap compared to others. All goods are sent out by Australia Post, locally & around the world. Postage of parcels over 500gm to overseas countries, now includes Registration and has 'Sign on Delivery'. If you are overseas & interested in making an order that calculates to over 500gm, then you are welcome to request a QUOTE before payment for extra insurance cover for your goods order.

# The new feature from the EUROPEAN UNION (EU), GDPR which concerns privacy of customer information. This has no real effect on website, as we do not collect a customers private data, like login, password and other private information. There is no 'Membership signon' or 'Blog' on our site, with no personal data storage. The information we need for a 'Quick-Checkout' mail-order, is practical ORDER DATA ONLY, this means we send customer orders to a 'Name and Postal Address', with feedback in 'order confirmation' and 'Order related issues or queries', via email. This data is not stored online on website.
However, we have added a new feature; We ask for your 'Customer Consent' at the end of our (2x) input forms, to make sure you are in agreement that we can use the input data:
1. For shipping an order and to send you order information via email.
2. To answer Contact-Us customer enquiries via email.
This TICK-Checkbox is now compulsory for any order or customer-enquiry.


October 2023.
The I-Ching PDF - Revised 3rd version.
Yi Jing in a PDF

With updates to the text. More details.

July 2023.
Margo Snape Artwork
Margo Snape original Marbled sheet.

An original marbled work in Peacock/Feather style. Own this original Margo Snape sheet of marbled work. Click Here, for more information.

June 2023.

An HP41CV calculator (secondhand) & other gear for this CLASSIC PROGRAMMABLE calculator. Click Here, for more information.

June 2023.
J.Larcher Artwork
Jean Larcher original calligraphy artwork.

An original l'Anglaise calligraphy artwork. Study up-close & own, an original Jean Larcher penstroke calligraphy work. Click Here, for more information.

April 2023.
A USB for TV/Computer use Chinese Painting Video. 1080-HD USB,
for TV or Computer.

This USB video is based on Mirra Hainsworth's Chinese painting beginners classes. The Techniques of Chinese Painting are in 8 lessons, in an easy to follow course.

Illustrating the video's methods, a PDF file with 8 A4 sample images, found on the USB. Click here for details/price etc

To see some of the DVD's contents, you are welcome to view
short extracts on your Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone:

April 2023.
SpencerianModern Font Image
Ornasonova's Modern-Spencerian TTF Font, hand written & scanned.

The latest styling of traditional Spencerian. You can learn to write this style, or/and buy our scanned FONT for computer use. Write letters with it, create certificates, invites, whatever.
Click Here for more information.

November 2022.
The World's Tiniest Pen, at just ONE INCH.

The Forever Pen. Did you ever needed a pen & couldn't find one? This pen fits on your key-ring & never needs refilling.
WRITE WITH IT - Jot down notes.
CUT WITH IT - Slice open boxes.
DIVE WITH IT - Write underwater.
Click Here for more information.
### Get a US$5.00 discount.

October 2022.
What the
The 'Hid Divinity' or 'Mystical Theology' of Dionysus the Areopagite.

An UPDATE to EXPAND our original PDF to the full version in hand written (Hybrid Celtic). Click Here, for more information to see this free download.

June 2022.

Zebra G Fountain Pen + Angle-Holder.

For Copperplate or Spencerian lettering. A 60 second "Spencerian" example with italic artwork & Capital flourishes. Learn this lettering style using our Modernised Updates for this traditional lettering. Click Here, to buy goods & for more information.

(Spencerian by D. Amos.)

October 2021
Osmiroid Dip Handle with Ornasonova's IMPROVED model ink RESERVOIR.

Osmiroid Handle with New reservoir unit

A NEW ITEM in October 2021. Buy Ornasonova's improved version ink reservoir with an Osmiroid dip-nib handle. See here for more details

August 2021
Osmiroid Dip Handle RESERVOIR - Ornasonova's IMPROVED model.

New Osmiroid reservoir unit

A NEW ITEM in August 2021, our own version of the sold-out Osmiroid ink reservoir for Osmiroids dip handles. If you need spare reservoirs from having damaged or lost the originals, now you can get our improved version. See here for more details

July 2021
Ornasonova Copperplate handle.
Copperplate elbow nib handle

A NEW ITEM in July 2021, our own Copperplate 'Elbow' handle. It helps correct the angle for writing in copperplate style lettering. See here for more details

Nov 2020
Chinese Seal Carving service expanded.

Our older Seal-Carving-Service now uses a supplier with a larger range of seal-carving options, including standard & express shipping. See more details

Sept 2020
Download a free PDF of the vintage Speedball Textbook from 1956, 17th edition.

As a PDF file it has a mouse accessible contents list for easy use. See more details

Aug 2020
Our recently UPDATED DVD of Mirra Hainsworth teaching Chinese Painting is now available.

The video now has a lesson accessible menu, for easy access. See more details

June 2019
Overseas POST. Parcels over 500gm now are sent out by REGISTERED mail & require someone to be at your delivery address for a 'SIGN ON DELIVERY', during working hours. See more details

April-May 2018
'GDPR' European Union update !!!. The world-wide-web GDPR updates start on 25th May 2018. Please read about our involvement/updates - above, in our Mail Order details.

December 2017
A MODERN SIMPLIFIED ITALIC EXAMPLE SHEET. The Bispo-Nova Italic hand written form, now available in a FREE-DOWNLOAD PDF. Capitals, miniscules, numerals etc, plus a short section on Flourishing.
Italic Examples Free Download

August 2017
ANNOUNCING A 25% OFF SALE, which applies to selected items across our website. Some Books, Fountain Pens, Large Poster Nibs, selected William Mitchell nibs, Osmiroid Dip Sets. PLEASE BROWSE OUR INTERESTING WEBSITE TO SEE/BUY THESE ITEMS.
Selected Item SALE

August 2017
MANUSCRIPT CALLIGRAPHY BOOKLET, an UPDATED booklet from Patricia Lovett. Excellent content for a cheap price - LEARN CALLIGRAPHY - ALL TYPES.

July 2017
See our short 18 second "Calligraphy MonoJam" video... A "CALLIGRAPHY MONOGRAM" expressing capital letters of a name, with its beautiful, balanced artwork & 'Swirly-Flourishes' in free flowing strokes. Want to do this attractive lettering for yourself? We have the broad-nib gear for you to choose from. To get more info' & buy the nibs you need CLICK HERE.

FREE-HAND calligraphy by William Lai.
Using: A 'Pilot' 6mm wide pen & fountain ink.

May 2017
HUNT DRAWING NIB 108, from Speedball Co. Now at cut price like never before. This highly adaptable Drawing & Mapping nib ==> NOW ON SALE.
HUNT 108 Drawing/Mapping Nib SALE HUNT 108 Drawing/Mapping Nib SALE

December 2016
HOW TO CARE for your 'OSMIROID' Fountain pen nib units, cure the worst problems that can occur, like ink blocked nib units, buckled nibs, or just needing to fit a new size of nib? Plus troubleshooting tips.
Osmiroid Nib Care PDF Osmiroid Fountain Pen - Nib Unit care, plus troubleshooting

November 2016
'Ornasonova' brand NEW range of DIP NIB HANDLES
Ornasonova brand Dip Handles
4x kinds available in Bronze or Gold or with FAT (RSI) gripsClick here

June 2016
NEW ITEM. ZEBRA MANGA G nibs in packs of 3
Zebra Manga G nibs

May 2016
NEWLY DEVELOPED. Tai Chi chuan Long Form Instruction sheets set
Tai Chi Instruction sheets PDF
Self-Help - Learn Tai Chi with this instruction sheet set in a PDF file.Click here

May 2016
NOW AVAILABLE - Pelikan 4001 BLACK fountain ink, Double size - ECONOMY PRICE.
NEW Pelikan 4001 Black ink
Pelikan 4001 fountain ink in black.Click here

May 2016
New Item - Manuscript 6 nib De-Luxe Fountain pen set.
NEW Manuscript 6 nib set
Manuscript 6 nib set for right handers with accessories & carry box/tin.Click here

January 2016
NEW - 3 x HIRO-LEONARDT Copperplaters, Handwriting, Sketch/Drawing nibs.
NEW Hiro-Leonardt NIBS
New POINTED nibs for you to choose from. Includes a LOOK-ALIKE larger size BRAUSE 66ef.Click here

October 2015
NEW - All Wood Double Ended Nib Handles.
All Wood Double Ended Nib Handles
Our latest Dip Handle update for your nibs. Click here

October 2015
Manuscript SKETCH & HANDWRITING (Iridium) fountain nib units.
Manuscript Sketch/Handwriting nib units
Quality Handwriting & Drawing fountain nibs. Click here

August 2015
BRAUSE ROSE No.76. A NEW item for those advanced Copperplaters out there. This nib is a GEM.
Copperplaters dip nibClick here

May 2015

Pentel K230 black refill

"PENTEL "KFR10" BLACK refill ink.
CUT PRICE PURCHASE - Fits the PENTEL K230 Hybrid GEL Grip DX pens.

March 2015

Capital B in SS mode

"Single Stroke Capitals" by Valentina Baratti. See & Learn these wonderful Capital letter shapes.

March 2015
Website Update
More Speedy Access. Online payments by Paypal or Credit Card. Works for Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones.

February/March 2015

assorted Burnishers

"BURNISHING TOOLS". Assorted sizes available. Well priced speciality tools for gilders.

January 2015

Ornasonova Acrylic Black ink

"ORNASONOVA ACRYLIC BLACK INK for nib dipping, 45ml size." HANDY open neck bottle, Acrylic BLACK ink, GOOD value, GENEROUS supply for the price.

December 2014

Rotring Renaissance Pen set

"Rotring Renaissance Pen set". A Classic Fountain Pen in a gift box.

26 August 2014

White Quill Pen set

"White Quill with a dip nib set". Write with a dip ink quill. # SPECIAL easy-glide handwriting nib supplied.

26 August 2014

New Acrylic 30ml

"Acrylic inks in EMERALD and RUBY". NEW COLOURS now available, besides our GOLD, Sapphire, Sepia and Black.

29 July 2014

Sanskrit/Pali lettersArabic lettering

"Writing Sanskrit/Pali or Arabic lettering". Here is an introduction and the equipment we have.

12 July 2014

Manuscript Left Handers Dip Nibs

"Manuscript Left Handers Dip Nibs" Gilt (like gold) nibs, to replace SOLD OUT Osmiroid nibs.

10 July 2014

Manuscript Left Handers 6 nib Set

"Manuscript Left Handers 6 nib Set" thats 6 Gilt nibs and many ready to go accessories.

10 July 2014

Manuscript Cap & barrel etc

"Manuscript Left Handers equipment" Buy a Cap & barrel and choose a nib size.

10 July 2014

Hiro 40 Stenography Nib

"Big Bertha" is back, or in more well known terms the "Hiro 40 Shorthand/Copperplate nib". This popular nib is now available again.

June 2014
Speedball B NibClick here

June 2014
Fountain Pen for Handwriting Set.
Fountain pen setClick here

April 2014
Arabic Calligraphers use Left Hand nibs.

Arabic best with Left hand italic nibs

William Mitchell brand Left Hand Italic Calligraphy nibs are able to do Arabic lettering, see details.Click here

Calligraphy Duo Markers in Red - 50% OFF January 2014

Staedtler brand Calligraphy double-ended marker in Red, see details.Click here

26 December 2013

Technical pens
TECHNICAL DRAWING PENS, plus some accessories, from Kern of Switzerland, as well as Rotring, Reform & Erograph brands from Germany -
These are the now discontinued ranges of a number of sizes of fine tubular nib pens. Brand new and only available in the sizes shown. CLICK THE ABOVE LINK FOR MORE DETAILS

8 September 2013

Tachikawa handle

NEW Japanese DUAL nib handle/holder.
TACHIKAWA nib handles in wood, a fabulous thick wood nib holder, takes standard size & mapping nibs.

14 August 2013
Free Downloads

FREE DOWNLOADS - Calligraphy Instruction & Help files.
Free give away Calligraphy worksheets and help files - NOW AVAILABLE.. Please browse to see if any of these subjects are useful to you ???

28 July 2013

Ink loading fountain pens & other tips
How to load ink into a calligraphy fountain pen and other troubleshooting tips.

12 July 2013

BRAUSE nibs & MANGA nibs
BRAUSE 66ef copperplaters nibs.
BRAUSE right oblique nib sets.
ZEBRA MANGA "G" copperplaters nibs.

10 February 2013

A webpage with a large selection of special old dip nibs, all still new and unused. From at least 40 years old and much older, you may find a nib from yesteryear that will work better than those currently on the market. They come from all kinds of well known and more obscure nib manufacturers, such as William Mitchell, John Mitchell, Gillott, Brandauer, Eastford etc...
The latest NIB SET ADDITIONS, include an original Phillip Poole 50x nib set - all antique nibs. Also a 14 nib set of Copperplate & Handwriting NIBS.

13 September 2012

Chinese Stone Seal Carving Service.
A NEW webpage has just been started for a Chinese Seal Stone Carving Service. Both traditional Chinese/Japanese carving and Western lettering Monograms are now being done by us. This venture is fully expounded on our webpage for Chinese Seal Stone Carving details.

28 August 2012

Calligraphy Guides and Hints.
For calligraphy subjects that may appear a little FOGGY or need further explanation, take a look at our webpage devoted to customer help.

# Calligraphers Guidelines.
# William Mitchell Roundhand/Italic nibs - fitting a Reservoir, and fixing a dripping tip.
# OSMIROID DIP HANDLES, how to insert/extract nibs.
# Ken Brown's Italic lessons, some details.
# What to do about large size lettering.
# Calligraphy nib (different brands) comparison chart.
# Hiro/Leonardt Nib Reservoirs, How To Use? They also work with William Mitchell Italic nibs.

7 August 2012

Paper and Card Embossing presses.
A range of hand held and desktop embossing machines is now available supplied through us. These tools impress an image or wording onto paper and card, adding a 3 dimensional appearance to any stationery, business or invitation card. Actually they can be used on whatever design concept you have, as long as it involves impressing paper/card with a logo, monogram or wording. Artwork is no problem if you have difficulty supplying this, as we can do graphics design work for you to your specifications. See our webpage for all Embosser details.

July 2012

Will's Quills shop closure June 2012 causes New Innovations
A new generation is evolving here, mainly due to the natural order of events. You may or may not be involved in the Arts, or more particularly in written calligraphy as a high art form? The fact is that in Australia, support for this beautiful art form is not easy to find. Suppliers are few and far between, and teachers who can pass down the needed techniques are not around in abundance. During the first half of 2012, a major Australian supplier Will's Quills, a shop in Chatswood, Sydney, closed its doors forever. While this is sad for calligraphy in general, it has meant that on a rebound, this site "Ornasonova" has come into being. Full support for all areas of the equipment needed is not possible at this time. But an effort is being made by this company, to help in the general direction. See the webpage devoted to Calligraphy, and see if our goods can help further your study/practise.

Last update October 2023