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ASC Logo

Australian Society of Calligraphy.
A calligraphy resources site, with yearly membership, an excellent magazine, teachers of all styles, plus many other great features, just visit and see.


A website in the USA, all about Copperplate Calligraphy

This is the International Association of Master Penmen and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH). It has the most complete archive of early American Copperplate & Spencerian hand lettering. Perfect for study of pointed pen styles, membership available.

Gemma Black Logo

Gemma Black, a prominent Calligrapher in Australia and Internationally. See her website.

Wills Quills Logo
Will's Quills.

The shop in Chatswood is closed for trade since July 2012.
But contact by Email is still functioning, for commission work in Western Calligraphy, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, some Wedding & General Stationery work, as well as Chinese Painting equipment, can be purchased via mail order, and any queries concerning those subjects supported by William & the staff for all the years since first opening in 1989.

Dave Wood Logo

Visit Dave Wood's Gallery of work. One of the foremost Graphic artists and Calligraphers in Australia and internationally. See Dave's artworks & contact details on facebook.

The Scriptorium Logo

A Family Tree website. All Design and Calligraphy artwork done by hand, from your personal Family Tree. While the website is currently down, a Google search gives phone contact numbers, for anyone wanting to commission a Family Tree.

The Scriptorium Logo

Coff's Harbour Calligraphers website. Another Calligraphy Society in NSW (New South Wales). See the latest calligraphy event news, become a member, visit the local venues and exhibitions.

Beau-Coup Logo

'Beau-Coup' offer a link webpage for calligraphers to browse. See over 20x webpages linked on this page, covering CALLIGRAPHY in every way - its history, other handwritten languages, DIY lettering, weddings/invitations etc.

Guild of Bookbinders Logo

NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders website. A local group of Craft Bookbinders. See the latest bookbinding event news, become a member, visit the local venues and exhibitions.

The ACPS Logo

The Australian Chinese Painting Society's website. The local Sydney based Chinese Painting Society. See the latest Painting event news, become a member, visit the local venues and exhibitions.

The Mirra's site

Mirra Hainsworth's website.

A local Sydney based Chinese Painting teacher, now passed away. Mirra's website shows her extensive painting artworks. We still have copies of her DVD and book..

  Last minor update Sept 2021