Featured item - Forever Pen

November 2022.
The World's Tiniest Pen, at just ONE INCH.

The Forever Pen. Did you ever needed a pen & couldn't find one? This pen fits on your key-ring & never needs refilling.
WRITE WITH IT - Jot down notes.
CUT WITH IT - Slice open boxes.
DIVE WITH IT - Write underwater.
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A few images of the World's Tiniest Pencil:

Just 1 inch tall How the 1 inch pen looks.

Easy to hold & write with Easy to hold & write with.

Some history & features of this new tool.
This idea from our older history, brings modern day technology to what was called a 'Silver point' pencil. Before lead pencils & retractible lead pencils, these were the way to write for everyday uses, without the need of pen & ink. All this is swept aside with this new concept, using Titanium as the handle, & a non-toxic Silver composite pencil-tip. Conveniently hangable on a keyring, or on a chain around the neck, this writing tool can do your everyday handwriting, daily-diary entries, sketching, brainstorm-ideas - etc. For more details about this pen, goto to the USA website. There you can read others comments about this item, (over 80 at the last count), & see further makers details. On buying this item you can get CHEAP International shipping with Tracking, packaging is Carbon-friendly. PLUS a US$5.00 discount for buying it through us.

  Updated November 2022